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The Maria Duval Scam


I received a thick "letter" that appeared to be "personal" from someone I didn't know. At first glance, the return address ("27 Norwood Street #402" / "Everett, MA 02143-2703") looks hand-written, but on closer inspection was obviously printed). One of the reasons I said it appeared to be "personal" was that it also had "typed" on the front:

IMPORTANT: To be opened by the addressee only.

Attention: Mail Carrier:
Please return if undeliverable".

As I said, these lines look "typed", right down to "heavy" and "light" letters and even parts of them missing, but again, obviously printed - the letters were very consistently "lined up" (as above), and there were no typewriter "hammer indentations!."

Other indications that this was not quite as "personal" as it appeared at first glace:

  1. The "stamp" is not a "stamp", but a printed, "Prsrt Std US Postage PAID, Albany, NY, Permit #942" (If this were really a "personal" letter to me, why is is Presorted anything? That's for BULK mail.)
  2. It was a WINDOWED BUSINESS envelope. (I know of people who use labels on business envelopes for "personal" mail, but NEVER a WINDOW envelope.)
  3. My name and address in the widow (again, appearing typed) actually has a UPC Code! Above THAT is "AUTO**3-DIGIT 460" and a couple of other codes in FINE PRINT. (Again, I know people who use labels, and personal printing has become sophisticated enough to print the UPC Code on the labels (and maybe letters themselves), but I DO NOT believe the fine print would be printed on anything but what is to be sent BULK MAIL.

Ok... All of the above should have put up the caution flag, but I decided to read the letter, which appeared, AGAIN, to be typed, except for the lack of typewriter hammer indentations (indicating it was printed). MAIL MERGE software allows my name and address to be put anywhere in the letter they wish it to go, right down to the "hand-written" (same font as the return address) "next page" message at the bottom of each of NINE PAGES. Yes... I read them all. The 10th page is a "confidential letter of agreement", which basically looks like a contract. (More on this later.)

Summary of 10-Page Letter

[You can see a version of the letter, below. There are also PDF versions available, below.]

The gist of the letter is that somehow or other "Maria" came across an old file on her desk that had MY NAME on it! Sitting with her was "Nicos Daskalos" who she claims to hold in very high regard, implying he has "extraordinary powers". (His name was associated with the 2002 book, "High Yield Facts of Dental Hygiene" by Demetra Daskalos Logothetis, only through Shopzilla... Not Amazon, or any other major book site. The same quick Google search shows his name only in association with that book and Maria Duval. But why, when he claims in the letter, that his name "is known above all in the world of spirituality and esotericism"? Wouldn't it be on many other sites?)

Anyway, Nicos basically went into a trance, staring at that file, and then told Maria to contact me. ME! WOW! Through Maria, he sent me a letter in actual Greek (I don't doubt that it's printed in Greek), telling me his story, and how he could help enlighten me. He has seven parchments he got from his "mentor" that he's also entrusted to Maria to send me. These parchments will help me

  1. clean and purify my Karma (apparently, past Karmic influences are screwing up my present Karma)
  2. find Love and Affection (wonder what Chris, my wife, would think about that one!)
  3. gain Wealth and Prosperity (not promising millions "although that does happen", but that "money will no longer be a source of concern". - Infomercial speak for "Results are unique. Not everyone will make this much.")
  4. gain Inner Peace (my "little inner voice" will give me "more and more information to 'guide'" me)
  5. "develop a spiritual protection" that will keep me safe
  6. increase my Health and Longevity by "strengthening the healing powers of each organ"
  7. change my Luck by influencing and conditioning "events to bring about the changes" I want to make in my life.

Ohhh... Bet that'll cost a bundle, no matter what's said about "helping" others. Especially when Maria said she'd also send a couple of things. Nope... The Seven Parchments PLUS Maria's Divinatory Oracle (gives you instant knowledge about a person) and the lucky number to play in the lottery after May 15th (when all this good is supposed to occur for me) for $7 ($1 each for the parchments, and $3 to "refund" Maria the first-class postage fees.) ONLY $10! Oh... That, and if I win anything in the next 90 days over $10,000, I promise to send "Maria" a "sum of money, the amount of which I will decide on the basis of my winnings." Uh, huh!

Oh... And if I decide NOT to get them, they want me to let them know that, too.


A Google search for "Maria Duval" lists not only her/their site, but MANY pointing out that this is a scam. They are banned in many European countries, being investigated in Canada, and no doubt, will be investigated here.

Apparently, once they get your address your snail-mail address gets "bombed" (like those email spammers who sell the email addresses of those who "unsubscribe" from THEIR lists to others - or just switch to another name) with crap mail from them (and I assume others). If you DO buy the product, the "money-back guarantee" doesn't apply, and there's always the possi-/proba-bility they will use your bank information or credit card information for other than what a reputable firm will.

Here are just some of the links I found about "Maria Duval":

Things I Did, Below

I scanned these letters into PaperPort using my HP OfficeJet All-in-One 6210 at 600dpi. The version of PaperPort I'm using won't work with dpis above 450, so I exported all the images to a folder, and "printed" the 10 pages of images to PDF, using to Photo Printing Wizard, in Full-Page Fax Print format. Making a copy, I then used Adobe Acrobat 7's OCR to find all the words. Due to the poor quality of the text (not from the scan), some of the words were not translated, or translated correctly. I also saved a few of the parts of the document - that I KNEW would not translate - as images.

I then recreated the document, below. (Acrobat could not translate it into an HTML correctly). Therefore, I cut-and-pasted text, from the OCR'd version, correcting as I went. The following, while close, does not use the same font, nor will the wrapping and some formatting be the same as the letter. However, all the words and images used below are FROM the letter, itself.

Why did I go to this much trouble? Because other people are receiving this letter (it WAS sent bulk mail) and I've found that many of the searches to my site are based on looking for Maria Duval or Nicos Daskalos. I'm kind of curious about how many people were searching for other keywords in the document, and this will allow the search engines to find this page.

Scam Example
Received 03/14/2006

Click here for the PDF of scanned images. (3.4M) and click here for the OCR'd version (915K). Both are copies of the 10-Page letter shown below. NOTE: All I did to either of the PDFs was mask my home address.

Supposedly Maria Duval










March 3, 2006









Address Code and Name
Address Blackout

Dear William,

Imagine that there was a man of faith capable of performing miracles and who would like to MEET YOU.

That's what has just happened. This morning, when I was doing some filing, I came across some older files on my desk. Among them, there was your name, William Sanders, living at [address removed]! Nicos Daskalos was with me at the time.

Suddenly, as if hypnotized, his eyes were fixed on these files  for several minutes, then he said to me:

"Listen Maria, you must urgently put us in contact. I can see a person very open to the spiritual world and the things which I will convey could save that parson and reverse any misfortunes which this poor soul has been experiencing". Taken aback, I answered him "no problem, Nicos, but what do you want to say exactly?"

He went on: "From next May 15, 2006, a change is going to take place in the life of that person that has been sought, for quite some time now. But there is an element that could, if nothing is done to prevent it, affect the destiny of that person and stop this change from happening. It's absolutely imperative that we neutralize the affecting saturnine influences which are related to that very specific date. To do this, I see only one solution".

But who is this Nicos Daskalos to speak in such a way, and what 1s it that he has to say to you?

I hold Nicos in very high esteem and I have a great deal of admiration for his extraordinary powers. On several occasions he has helped me with difficult oases. Moreover, he has helped me personally to avoid numerous problems and obtain an inheritance that I had given up hope of ever receiving.

But the best thing, as far as you are concerned, is that he is speaking to you directly. So I asked him to write a letter and to tell you what he wanted to say, and I had this letter, which he wrote in Greek, his mother tongue translated for you. Here's the translation of what he wants to tell you. (I've included his letter, written in

"written" - William, please turn the page --> pg1 bottom - Maria Duval letter pg1 form number - MRC_LA 0129897


his native Greek, which you can keep):

On the envelope that he gave me, it was written:

"Personal and confidential letter"

Then, inside, the personal letter that he wrote:

"Dear unknown friend,

As Maria will have said, my name is Nicos Daskalos. I am 54 years old, and the father of 4 children. My name is known above all in the world of spirituality and esotericism.

Since my mystical journey to India, I have given conferences throughout the world and written two books. And last year, I was given an audience with a famous Queen, at her request, to tell her the same thing as I am going to tell you now.

It is not by chance that I am writing you this personal letter. It is because our paths were destined to cross. And if what I have seen and felt is true, you are suffering greatly, both mentally and physically. Particularly at the present time, you have really had enough of the life that you are leading.

Believe me, I know what you are feeling. I know what it's like to be dogged by suffering and bad luck. I was like you. I have been through numerous ordeals - often cruel. I have even come out of a deep depression during which I nearly ended my life.

When I was 39, however, at a time when my life was an absolute disaster, everything changed after a mysterious journey. Now everything is going well. More than well! I have health, luck, love and material well-being, more than I could ever have imagined.

And the same is going to happen to you from next May 15, 2006 onwards. But there is one question.

"Are you ready?"

I am going to explain what I mean. If someone could turn you into the person you dream of being, and change the things that you want to change in your life, would you be ready to listen to him or her?

Don't answer yes right away.

You know that to make progress and build a new life for yourself, with more money, love and luck, sometimes you need to set aside your doubts and your skepticism. Doubt and skepticism are parasites that make any change impossible. And few people are capable of setting these parasites aside, even for just a few minutes, as I am going to ask you to do now.

You can even stop reading now and throw this letter away. But take caret if you continue, your life, your relationships with others and your financial situation will NEVER be the same again.

Are you still with me? Then allow me to say CONGRATULATIONS! You have just gotten through the most difficult stage. The most painful one which consists in conquering fear and setting it firmly and definitively aside. And since you are still reading, I am now sure that I am not mistaken about you.

You must also listen carefully to me, while I tell you about what
happened to me - you are very quickly going to understand that bad luck is not fate.

In 1991, when I couldn't take any more, I decided to give everything up and leave. I had nothing to lose because I couldn't carry on living in that way. I gathered the last of my savings and bought a plane ticket for India.

"written" - William, please go to the next page
pg2 form number - 0129897


Why that destination? Simply because it was cheap to live there and with my meagre savings, I could stay there for several months.

When I landed in Hew Delhi, I didn't really know where to go. I wandered through the streets in search of a room when a man dressed in orange came up to me. Several minutes later, I found myself sitting on the ground in a little park in front of that mysterious man. That is when he revealed to me some unbelievable things and proposed something to me that was to change my entire life.

"As you can Bee, I am a monk," he said. "Almost 15 years ago now, in exchange for the powers that had been given to me, I made a solemn vow to help my neighbor. When my path crossed yours, I felt a weight in my heart and your life started to unfold before my eyes, your current life and also your previous lives. I know that you and certain of those close to you have been through a true human drama. These problems started a long time ago".

He then spoke to me in a way that was easy to understand. He seemed calm and sure of himself. His eyes expressed great goodwill and I felt peaceful and perfectly safe by his side.

f was suspicious of course... but more and more intrigued.

He went on to tell me many very specific facts about my life. It was incredible! He could clearly read me like a book. Everything that he said to me really happened. He also told me the causes of all my problems. Then I understood why everything was going so badly for me.

Then he added:

"Today everything can change for you and for those you love. That depends only on you. You are free to accept my help or not. For my part, I will have done my duty and respected my solemn promise to help my fellow man. In fact, to change the course of events of your life, I suggest that you accompany me in my work for one full month."

The old man asked nothing more of me. He did not want any money or any other commitment of any sort from me. And after bringing his hands together in front of his chest in prayer to say goodbye to me, he left.

I was deeply moved! A few minutes later, I found myself meeting with him again. What I had experienced and felt was truly powerful and I was ready to follow him to the ends of the world if asked. In any case, I didn't have anything to lose.

Then, for exactly 30 days, I shared his life 24 hours a day. During this time I learned that this monk, or more precisely this Swami (Swami means "He Who Knows God") was no ordinary being.

He was gifted with incredible powers and devoted himself entirely to helping the people who came every day to the little house where he lived somewhere in the north of New Delhi.

All these people had one thing in common, they were overburdened with bad luck, illness or poverty. To my great astonishment, they saw the old man as a saint who was capable of performing miracles.

One day, when we were quietly sitting in the only room of his red brick house, a woman came running towards us. Her son had just fallen from some scaffolding on a building several stories high and was hovering between life and death. According to the doctors at the hospital, they could do nothing for him, and only a miracle could help him.

The monk began to meditate without speaking a word. He stayed there for an hour with his eyes shut, in deep concentration. Then, slowly he opened

"written" - William, please turn over
pg2 form number - 0129897


his eyes and said to the woman who had just come to find help:" Go and find your son, in 10 days he will be on his feet, his time has not yet come."

Another day, it was a businessman on the verge of bankruptcy who sought his help and protection. Then it was a woman who had been abandoned by her husband without resources, with 4 children to look after. Many people also came to see him when they were ill.

Sometimes other monks came to find him to ask him far his advice and receive a mantra (magic prayer formula). He would often go into a state of deep meditation with them for several hours. At night he only slept 2 or 3 hours, the rest of the time he was immersed in a sort of trance that nothing seemed to penetrate.

His days were devoted to helping those who were most in need and who came to him to ask for assistance.

One day I asked him how it was that he could perform such miracles. He answered that we all have the power within us and that all we needed to do was connect it to the right source for everything to change as if by magic. What he said next fascinated me:

According to him, the source of all our sufferings is our past karma. According to the laws of karma, all our actions, or those of our ancestors, come back to us sooner or later. Our misfortunes and our suffering are none other than the karmic debts that we need to pay off in order to continue developing.

I had just spent a week at his side and I have to say that I had never felt better in my whole life. It was as if I had become a new man. My heart was filled with peace and everything seemed simple and easy. My fears and my anxieties had left me.

Sometimes we would spend several days at his little house, and others, he would send me to visit places of pilgrimage in the foothills of the Himalayas. Well-known saints had lived in these places. When he told me their stories, I realized that they all possessed exceptional powers and were capable of performing remarkable feats.

Although I did not understand everything he said to me, deep within me I knew that he was right. One evening, when I asked him how I could change my life, have more luck, love and money, he answered me: "Don't worry, everything is going to go well for you from now on. But for your part you need to devote some time to helping your fellow man, because most people need to purify their karma, or risk great suffering."

Then he added these words that sent shivers down my spine: "The world is going to go from bad to worse. In the next 20 years we are going to go through a very troubled period. There will be new wars and much misery will come of them; all this will be caused by man's thirst for revenge and power. If nothing is done, our world may come to see terrible times".

He finished by saying to me these dramatic words: "Those who have done nothing to protect themselves risk going through some terrible times. The others, the more enlightened, will come through the ordeals and will find the path to happiness."

Then I asked him what I could do to help my fellow man and he answered: "A long time ago my own master gave me 7 sheets of parchment and asked me to take great care of them until the day we were in Kaliyuga (a dark era during which corruption reigns and the forces of destruction seek to


"written" - William, please go to the next page
pg2 form number - 0129897


annihilate humanity). These events will take place at the beginning of the 21st century" he added, without giving more details.


And that's the reason why I am writing to you today.

Later I'm going to tell you more about my new life and the rest of my journey. But now, the moment has come to speak to you of the 7 sheets of parchment which I want to share with you.

But before that I should ask you a guestion:

Have you noticed how many of us are currently going through increasingly troubled times, marked by insecurity, corruption and misery? Look around you:

  • Tension is increasing.
  • The economic and international situation is getting worse.
  • The national deficit and debt is becoming a major problem.
  • Social injustice, poverty and violence are a greater threat than before.

The reason for all this is that we are entering into the dark era called Kaliyuga, predicted centuries ago by wise men and astrologers from all over the world.

Great transformations are about to happen, changes that will shatter the economic and social order. Many rich people will be ruined. A lot of people will find themselves with no job and nowhere to live. Conflict and misery will be unavoidable, except by some enlightened people who will be protected.

The monk had told me this: "Only the enlightened will find a new path toward prosperity and happiness. Unfortunately, great suffering awaits those who did not know how to recognize the signs and follow them."

It is to avoid this suffering that the Indian monk asked me to divulge the contents of the 7 parchments to those who needed them most and who asked for them with sincerity.

And you have been chosen to share the ranks of these people who are going to receive the 7 parchments.

I have given the 7 parchments to Maria Duval on your behalf. The following describes their content, and tells what is going to happen to you once you are in their possession:

The first parchment, called Karma, is going to purify your subconscious mind by eliminating the karmic traces of your past that are affecting your present.

  • It is your Karma that allows you to progress in life
  • It is your Karma that is the source of everything you possess
  • It is your Karma that gives you access to your full potential instead of "wasting" your life.

By cleaning and purifying your karma with this first parchment you are going t o rid yourself of negative influences. You are going to cure the "emotional wounds" that are preventing you from being fully yourself. Your perception of the world and people are going t o be transformed. You


"written" - William, please turn over
pg2 form number - 0129897


are going to see things through other eyes.

The second parchment, Love and Affection, stimulates your emotional life and your relationships making them balanced, harmonious and fulfilling. If you are alone at the moment, it is going to influence your intuition to bring you into contact with the soul mate destined for you. Not a person who wants to use you, but a person who wants to SHARE WITH YOU. All you have to do is allow yourself to be guided and the meeting will inevitably occur.

But this path goes further. When you take it, you will not only feel better about others, but also BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.

I do not need to tell you that the magnetism which you are going to radiate will be such that people will no longer look at you in the same way. You become a different person, totally fulfilled. Rather as if your life had always lacked a secret ingredient that you have finally found.

With the third parchment, Wealth and Prosperity, the path which leads to material prosperity is finally going to open up to you. And God knows that you deserve your share of material wealth. This parchment brings you the solutions and the "enlightenment" you need to access new sources of income which protect you from need.

Of course, I cannot promise you millions (although that does happen). But what I can promise you is that you will never again lack the things that you need. And you will not have to struggle to make ends meet every month. Basically, money will no longer be a source of concern for you.

The fourth parchment, Inner Peace, connects you with the divine level and gives you access to a deep inner peace and total inner security. Every day you feel strong and sure of yourself. Stress and tensions literally melt away. Your little inner voice gives you more and more information to "guide" you and tell you what to do to realize your dreams, replace failure with success, gloom with enthusiasm, and worries with happiness.

The fifth parchment, Protection, gives you the secret which is going to protect you, and those you love, from harmful influences. By using this parchment, you are going to develop a spiritual protection that is going to keep you safe, whatever the situation in which you find yourself.

The sixth parchment, Health and Longevity, strengthens the healing powers of each organ. It forms a real shield against illness and pushes pain out of the body.

Wise men and saints throughout time have used the healing powers contained in this parchment to help their fellow man.

You may have read many books on health, or seen many television programs. Nothing, I tell you, nothing comes close to the power contained in this sixth parchment.

The seventh parchment, Luck, influences and "conditions" events to bring about the changes that you want to make in your life. Luck, contrary to what you may believe, is not random. Just as a magnet attracts metal, so too is it possible to attract luck.

But how can these results be explained?

It's very simple:

These parchments, each focusing on its own domain, can influence and strengthen the life energy that forms our physical and spiritual bodies,


"written" - William, please go to the next page
pg2 form number - 0129897


and which is the source of all change in life. They form a true "shield" against adversity and favor the opening of the "3rd eye". Your powers of visualization develop. They become so strong that all you need to do is visualize a situation for it to happen.

I know know that you are going to find this hard to believe. I know that you are skeptical after everything that you have lived through. Also, I am not asking you to take my word for it.

I am just asking you to try.

Then, when you have the 7 parchments in your hand, you can judge for yourself.

So your personal experience will be the best proof.

outside left border - "written" parens But there is one condition to this, And I want to make this clear right from the start: the powers that are contained in these parchments can only be used for good.

Never use them to harm anyone, whoever they are. EVER.

This is the reason why I am asking you to make a promise to Maria Duval (who has agreed to hold for you, the 7 parchments). The solemn promise to use the power of the parchments for your own good and for the good of those around you.

I am also counting on you to let her know what you choose to do and thank you in advance.

Kindest regards, Supposed signature of Nicos Daskalos

P.S. One last, very important, thing:

If you do not wish to receive your parchments, please be kind enough to let Maria Duval know, she has every faith in you. I thank you in advance."




I know, William, that everything that Nicos has just said to you may seem hard to believe. But IT'S TRUE.

Moreover, I repeat and confirm for you that from next May 15, 2006 a change is going to take place in your life for which you have been waiting for a long time. But there is one aspect that could affect your fate and stop this change from happening. The saturnine influence related to you must be neutralized.

Do not delay to do this, or it could be too late. Take action today. You absolutely must have the 7 parchments that Nicos Daskalos has given to me in your hands as quickly as possible.

I speak from the heart: "these 7 parchments are not only going to neutralize once and for all the harmful saturnine influence related to you onwards, but they are also going to literally perform miracles for you, where you most need a miracle to happen!"

I am speaking to you from the heart and above all, more than anything, I can tell you this because I have seen so many transformations

"written" - Please turn over
pg2 form number - 0129897


with my own eyes:

  • I have seen a woman win an immense fortune on the lottery one week after taken possession of parchment no. 3.
  • I saw another woman use Parchment no. 2 to make her husband come back to her without uttering a single word.
  • I have seen how a man can read the thoughts of his  enemies thanks to Parchment no. 1 in combination with the Divinatory Oracle (see below).
  • I have seen a depressive suddenly become a "new person", happy and optimistic, after 4 years of unsuccessful treatment.
  • I myself was surprised to receive an inheritance that I was not expecting and that would not logically ever have come to me.

I could cite more examples like these. Each one as surprising as the next.

But the most important thing for you: is that you yourself realize just how much the power of these parchments could change your life.

EXPERIENCE THE PROOF FOR YOURSELF. That's the most important thing. And I too would like to participate in this, William:

I too will actually be making my own contribution to "get you started", give you the initial boost that you need. This is why, when I send you your 7 parchments, I am also going to enclose two other items in your parcel:

-1. My divinatory oracle which I have been using for 25 years, to have instant knowledge of any person that I meet. Other people will no longer be able to tell you things that are not true. You will always know if someone is concealing the truth from you. You will know the strengths and weaknesses of the people that you meet. You will know what people really think of you.

-2. The lucky numbers to play the lottery, which I have worked on for the next lottery draw after next May 15, 2006, You may perhaps know that the winner on February 13th (who wants to stay anonymous) used the lucky numbers. She pocketed the enormous sum of 18 million dollars - eighteen million dollars! Of course, I cannot say that everyone is going to win such a sum. But I can assure you that by combining the lucky numbers with the third parchment, you are going to find the financial miracle that you have wanted for so long without ever daring to believe that it might happen.

What are you going to decide to do now? Take action and join the ranks of those who have been able to change the course of their destiny to get what they want out of life? Or would you rather remain in doubt, do nothing, continue to struggle against adversity?

I have before me the 7 parchments that Nicos gave me. What should I do with them?

Whatever your response, I will respect it. But please, make a choice. And tell me your decision by return mail. If you refuse, I can then send these 7 parchments to someone else who is waiting for them.

You can give me your response by simply sending back the "Confidential Letter of Agreement" that you are going to find on page 10 of this letter.

In so far as concerns money, how much will this cost you?

"written" - Please, go to the next page
pg2 form number - 0129897


"penned" paren

Listen. Although there are powerful people in the world that are ready to pay $2,000, or even more, to obtain the 7 parchments, Nicos would never agree to do this. As he has so rightly said "Their hearts are not always filled with good intentions".


For you, it's different.

As I have confirmed to Nicos, I am also convinced that you will not abuse the powers that the parchments are going to give you.

All I am asking you for is the symbolic sum of only... $l per parchment! (And the shipping costs to deliver them to you by first-class mail). That's all. And in 3 months, if you like, and if as a result of what I send you, you win at least $10,000, you can send me something more to thank me for my actions. I won't say how much. That will be for you, your soul and your conscience to decide.

If, on the other hand, for any reason, you are not enthused by your new life, then just send me back the 7 parchments, and 1 will immediately refund all your money (even the shipping costs!).

You will not need to explain or justify your reasons.

I trust you - as you can trust me.

In summary, you are free to use the 7 parchments, and the gifts which I am going to send you, for 3 months. After that, you decide. If you have the slightest regret, let me know and it will have cost you nothing. So it's impossible for you to lose a single cent and, moreover, you have a great chance of achieving everything you want in life.

Now, if you don't feel ready, forget this letter and give your place up to some other person who needs it.

But as you know, I do not believe in chance. If Nicos Daskalos asked me to send you these parchments, it is because now is the right moment for you. You are at an important crossroads in your destiny. Additionally, it is now that you need answers to your most pressing questions.

Just sign and return the letter on the next page. And wait for the arrival of your package in the next few days.

I await your reply.

With my devoted friendship,

"signature" of Maria Duval

Maria Duval

PS:   It is vital that you give me your answer quickly. If you put it off until later, I may be unable to honor your request.

PPS:  If you decide not to accept your 7 parchments, please do let me know. This is very important. To do this, there is a box you can check on the agreement letter on the next page, which authorizes me to allow another person to benefit.

"written" - PLEASE, TURN OVER
pg2 form number - 0129897


Confidential Letter of Agreement

To be sent today in the enclosed envelope to:
Maria Duval, 27 Norwood Street #402, Everett, MA 02149-2709

QuestionairePlease, check the box as appropriate?

( ) YES, I want to benefit from the powers of the 7 Parchments

( ) NO, everything is going well for me. Let another person benefit from them.

Dear Maria,

1. I received your letter, and the translation of the letter from Nicos Daskalos concerning the 7 parchments.
I accept your proposal on the following conditions:

2. I have 90 days to see the impact of the 7 parchments on my life. If I am not entirely satisfied with the results, I will return everything to you and you will completely reimburse me, even the shipping costs. So I: am not taking any risk.

The Fine Print - See Text, below

3. I know that your aim is to help me and to change the course of my destiny, and that the 7 parchments are going to change my astral configuration and bring about changes in my life that are beyond all my expectations - particularly THE change that I have wanted for so long now.

4. I undertake not to tell anyone about what I receive. I also undertake not to use my new powers and my new knowledge for harm. I am only going to use these powers for my own good or for the good of my fellow man.

5. I have noted that I am also going to receive your divinatory oracle and my lucky numbers to play on the next lottery draw after next May 15, 2006.

6. If I win at least $10,000 over the next 90 days, I promise you that I will send you a sum of money, the amount of which I will decide on the basis of my winnings.

Under these conditions, I agree to enclose my participation of only $1 per parchment, so $7 for the 7 parchments (+ $3 to refund you the first-class shipping fees) FOR A TOTAL of $10.

Address Check

( ) Check or ( ) Money Order made out
to you, Maria Duval { ) or cash.

Or by ( ) Credit Card
( ) Mastercard ( ) Visa

Credit Card No:


Expiry Date: (MM/YY) ___/___

Signature; _______________________

pg2 form number - 0129897

[NOTE: I left names, email addresses, and phone numbers in here for the search engines to find. DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THEM! I'm SURE you will be ripped off! -LE]

Here is a PDF copy of the letter (4.4M) that was enclosed (in Greek(?)) from Nicos Daskalos. It is supposed to be written in "his native Greek". (Compressed version (2.1M)). NOTE: My Acrobat does not have Greek OCR, so I could not make a searchable copy.


  1. Maria says it's a copy of the letter, which I can keep! WOW... Wait... On the envelope was written "Personal and Confidential"... Why WOULDN'T I be able to keep it?
  2. Why, if it was written directly to me, Greek or not, did it NOT have any "pen pressure" marks? Why was it a copy?
  3. Since the letter was written to me, and whether "Maria" translated it, or not, I'd think that I'd get the "real" one, and Maria would keep "the copy"?!)


Problems I see:

  • Most of these were covered in the research and information above the example, this time.

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