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The Health Man - Seven Day Miracle Cleanse (aka 7DMC)

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UPDATE 03/05/2010 -

In February 2008, the FTC obtained a court order stopping the scam and barring the marketers from selling health-related products (other than publications) in the future.

Sources: Infomercial Watch: "Analysis of the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse Infomercial (2004)" by Stephen Barrett, M.D. and Infomercial Watch: "Marketers of 7-Day Miracle Cleanse Program Banned From Infomercials", FTC News Release, February 27, 2008.

The Infomercial

&DMC - The Health Man - aka Paris A DeAguero

The Health Man
aka Paris A DeAguero
from 7DMC Infomercial

Watching this infomercial, I felt like I was watching a long-haired (maybe a little younger) Don Lapre. The Health Man - his name is never given ... It's Paris A DeAguero ... I got it from the Infomercial Watch site who got it from an earlier version of the 7DMC site and have since found it associated with 7DMC, elsewhere - looks a LOT like, talks a lot like and gestures with his hands a lot like Lapre. Since it was a health-related item, I could (hopefully) be forgiven for thinking it MIGHT have been Lapre at a different time than his vitamin commercial.

The Health Man (who claims to be "the healthiest man alive") stands on a Hawaiian beach, in a Hawaiian shirt, and the camera seldom moves. (Looks like he may have taped it himself, setting the camera and sound, and talking to the camera). He is selling a "colon cleansing" product. He makes many of the claims made by Klee Irwin.

The Product

Seven-Day Miracle Cleanse aka 7-Day Miracle Cleanse aka 7DMC.

"The Health Man" aka Paris A DeAguero (actually, this should be vice-versa, but since we're never told his name in the infomercial...)

Uh... I'm not going to describe this product any more than it already has been. I'm sure you get the idea. It comes in 2-3 bottles, all "VegiCaps." Thank god I don't have to guess which goes where, if you understand my meaning.)

Oh... And in researching it, you would not BELIEVE how many people are into ... "cleansing". (Well, maybe you would.) EITHER way!

The Health Man is another who states that John Wayne had pounds of fecal matter in his intestines when he died. Well,  JOHN WAYNE DIDN'T HAVE AN AUTOPSY! (be sure to read that Snopes article.) How would they have found anything like this to weigh? This in itself should make all other claims suspect,

If you are "into cleansing":

  • because of the John Wayne or Elvis Presley thing
  • because of being shown ... shall we say "results"
  • because of being told it will save the world (or whatever claim they make)

... be sure you read some of the doctors' statements in the links below. Basically, autopsies and other surgeries have NEVER shown the types of problems they are describing. (Elvis DID have problems, but it was caused by drug-use, not his eating habits or anything else.) I, personally, have seen surgeries on the Health Channel and have NEVER seen anything remotely resembling what they claim. Haven't you?

Product Websites

Following are links to what appear to be "main" sites for the product.

Reviews and Warnings

This section lists the sites where I found "negative" comments about the people and company, and/or the product. Some of the terms "sham", "scam", "scams", "flim-flam", "complain", "complaints", "rip", "rip-off", "fraud", "warning", similar words, and maybe just "review" were used in searching for negative comments.

WARNING: If you consider their (or others') offers, at least do as much research on them as you would in looking for a new house, car or doctor before buying anything. Also, be sure to read and understand any company's Privacy Policies and Terms/Conditions, too.


General Information (Colon Cleansing)

While there are a lot of people out there - especially those believing in and pushing "natural" products, and those believing in the great FDA/FTC/Doctor/Pharmaceutical Giants Conspiracy Theory - there is plenty of evidence to show that Colon Cleansing is NOT necessary. A couple of the below links support the theory/practice, but most are against it with extremely logical arguments.

And, be sure to read the National Consumer League's Naturally Misleading: Consumers’ Understanding of “Natural” and “Plant-Derived” Labeling Claims (PDF).

Legal Problems (7DMC, Paris & his companies)

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