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Celeb: Pat Boone - MDR Vital Factors

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I couldn't find many reviews on this product on my first (admittedly quick) search (pre-07/14/2006). There were thousands of sites for it as an HGH (Human Growth Hormone) replacement, though, and in many cases, when I searched for it using "review", I was sent to a page advertising HGH.

Remember, though... it costs $100 for a one-month supply!

The Infomercial

Pat Boone - celeb spokesman for MDR Vital Factors

Pat Boone
Celebrity spokesman
for MDR Vital Factors

The infomercial looked kind of like ITC Infomercials. In this case, The host (Ted Dawson New Window ) interviews Pat Riley New Window, who founded MDR (Medical Doctors Research Institute and Clientele New Window) and helped formulate Vital Factors, and Dr Daniel Vogt, supposedly an expert in his field, though I couldn't find any links I could verify as HIS.

Vogt is EXTREMELY "laid-back" (almost "comatose"). In fact, I seem to remember an actor that looks almost exactly like him. Anyway, he's only asked a few questions, on which he pontificates (best description) in a semi-monotone, appearing to read his answers over Dawson's shoulder. Riley describes Vital Factors, why she developed them, and the ills they can help. This is, of course, the majority of the infomercial.

Ted Dawson - Interviewer on MDR Vital Factors Infomercial

Ted Dawson
Interviewer on
MDR Vital Factors

Frank and Helen Riley, Pat's parents, who are 83 and 74, respectively, have been taking Vital Factors for some time, and give their testimonial. And Pat Boone discusses how his wife didn't have any energy to play with the grandkids until she took Vital Factors.

NOTE: The only image I could find of Pat Riley was for another of her businesses, Clientele (see above), and it didn't look at all like her in the infomercial, so I didn't include it, here. I could find none of Dr Vogt.

MDR Vital Factors

The Product

MDR Vital Factors apparently "works at the cellular level", boosting your "youth factors" and resupplying your body with "with nutrients such as amino acids, antioxidants, and detoxifiers".

It works like "Alka-Seltzer" in that it comes in tablets that "effervesce" in water to "[release] its special Biocell Protectors System, which signals every cell in your body to Repair, Renew, and Rebuild!"

For a list of ingredients, see a copy of the label, here New Window. At least I couldn't find anywhere that it claims to be "all natural", though I found a number of websites that claim it to be so. (A lot of those ingredients don't APPEAR to be "natural!")

Product and Company Websites

Following are links to what appear to be "main" sites for the product.

Reviews and Warnings

This section lists the sites where I found "negative" comments about the people and company, and/or the product. Some of the terms "sham", "scam", "scams", "flim-flam", "complain", "complaints", "rip", "rip-off", "fraud", "warning", similar words, and maybe just "review" were used in searching for negative comments.

WARNING: Be aware that some of the following sites may be attempting to sell their own or lead you into buying another product. If you consider their (or others') offers, at least do as much research on them as you would in looking for a new house, car or doctor before buying anything. Also, be sure to read and understand any company's Privacy Policies and Terms/Conditions, too. A "$$" indicates these sites.


News Articles

  • None found that didn't appear to be advertisements.

General Information (Health)

There is a LOT of free health information out there in Internet-land. I included a number of sites online where you can find FREE articles on Health on my Links page. In these links you can find reviews, and other articles that may help you make an INFORMED decision. Be sure to check them out.

Legal Problems

  • None found.

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